Room Addition


You need more space. Your family or business is growing, or you have just used up what you have. Buying a larger home is not always the best option, or even one that is available to you. When all else fails, expand what you already have.

A well-planned room addition can enhance the style of your home as well as provide new found space, comfort and livability. Room additions can add that space you need. You can build that kitchen you have always dreamed about or a bedroom for the future new arrival to your family.

Maybe you have always wanted a formal dining room or your home business needs a fully functional office. A garage can be built off th side of your home to protect all of your toys from the elements. Room additions can be at ground level or built up on the second story.

Either choice will increase the value of your home as you increase the square footage. As you plan your room addition project, it is important to ensure that the construction of your room is safe, meets State and local laws, and is carefully estimated to fit within your budget.

Jade’s Remodeling team of architects, engineers and project managers will help guide you through every step of this process. From the decision to expand out or build up to deciding on carpet or hardwood floors, we will be there to make sure you get the new space that you want.

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